Inside the hidden treasures of Liberty

 “Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.” 

Oscar Wilde

Built on Great Marlborough Street in 1924, Arthur Lasenby Liberty’s department store is very much the people’s emporium for chic gifts. Six floors laden with luxury items; from the world’s finest fabrics and clothing to the crème de la crème of objets d’art. But Liberty has much more to offer than what it sells, and these treasures are hidden to many who shop here frequently. Let us unearth some of them here…

The brainchild of designer Edwin Thomas Hall and his son, this Tudor revival building was the second premises for Liberty, who moved its offices from Regent Street after the passing of its founder.


“I was determined not to follow existing fashions but to create new ones.” 

Arthur Lasenby Liberty

24,000 cubic feet of New Forest oak timbers from two Royal Navy battleships;  HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan were used in the new department store’s construction. In fact the Grade II listed facade is actually the same length and height of HMS Hindustan. The nautical theme continues with tiny painted glass windows taken from the Captain’s cabin of one of the ships, which can be seen on the upper floors of the building.

The large open center space of the store is surrounded by smaller rooms which branch off onto each floor, and make up the various shopping departments. All designed to make you feel as if you were in a large, welcoming home.


Timber, timber everywhere! You almost feel like you are in a Tudor theatre. Each floor is beautifully lit to showcase the ancient New Forest oak
The Liberty Clock next door on Kingly Street depicts St. George & The Dragon and was erected in 1925: “No minute gone comes ever back again, take heed and see ye nothing do in vain”
Shields of Shakespeare greet you upon your arrival
This might well be longest chandelier in Europe!
Gorgeous tile flooring still visible today from one of the original fireplaces
A furniture workshop in Archway produced all beautifully carved paneling seen in the store, including this wonderful statue
Painted glass windows straight from the Captain’s Quarters!


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