The art of made to measure belt making in London’s Piccadilly

Piccadilly Circus is awash with men’s clothes shops, especially with Regent and Jermyn street both nearby. However, for those gentleman requiring a made to measure waist belt you may look no further than humble stall outside St. James’s Church; Piccadilly Belts by artisan belt maker Idris De Angeli.

It’s quite simple. You choose from a large selection of large, full grain, vegetable tanned hides hanging off of pegs around the workbench. Then a quick measurement of your waist is made, along with some questions on how you tend to have your trousers or jeans sit upon your hips, what sort of belt style and buckle type you are looking for, and then the process begins…

Watching De Angeli at work is to watch a master craftsman showcase his skills. De Angeli immediately puts you at ease, as talks your thought the process: “Each strap is individually hand cut then worked to the highest finish, applying traditional leathercraft techniques using hand tools.”

“I have always had a passion for making things, specially in creating beautiful objects that are also functional and with a high degree of durability, so working with high quality natural leathers to create useful accessories such as belts, certainly fits the bill.” Idris de Angeli

Watching something take shape from scratch, tailored just to you is something very special to witness. The fact that it’s made whilst you wait is equally impressive. De Angeli is methodical with his approach, working and treating the leather until he is entirely happy with it. Explaining the process every step of the way. This is a product built to last the test of time. The array of solid brass buckles to complete the belt are of plentiful. Whatever you are looking for there is something to suit everyone’s personal style.

Finally, the belt is complete and ready to try on. It fits perfectly. Of course it does it’s made only for you. When you consider the price is equal to that of one mass produced and sold in any number of shops, you realise just how important and special Piccadilly Belts is. Find out more here


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